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You buy cheap, you buy twice

Posted - 21st March 2016

At the start of the year in January Elfords celebrated 30 years of business and since then we've hit the amazing milestone of selling our 35,000th shed! During this time our focus has been upon getting the best possible quality materials, focusing upon build quality and service. Keeping our prices competitive is also very important to us but we have never aimed at being the cheapest In the market.

We think that this has paid off and know our customers agree because over the last month we have had two long standing customers come back because of our focus on quality materials and build. The first customer came back due to a house move and said that after 20 years the shed was 'still going strong'. The second was wanting a replacement after owning one of our sheds for 28 years because 'although the shed was still fine' they needed something 'a bit larger now'.

At Elfords we are so proud when customers come back to us after such a length of time and it really does prove that if 'You buy cheap, you buy twice'.

You buy cheap, you buy twice