Conditions of Sale


10% deposit with order, final payment on completion to driver / erector.

Please note that we are unable to leave any building on site without the final balance being paid to the driver. All products remain the property of Elfords Sheds until paid for in full.


If you wish to cancel your order, we will make an administration charge of 10% of the total order value. We will not accept the cancellation of orders that we have already started to manufacture.


The sizes of various products in our brochure are approximate and do not include roof over hangings. All timber sizes are nominal (i.e size before they are machined). We reserve the right to make changes to published specifications & prices as they may from time to time be dictated by available materials or our policy to seek improvements.


We will be pleased to give our customers an indication as to delivery time scales but this information although provided in good faith, is only given as a guide. At no time can we guarantee delivery on a certain date or specific time. Delays should be expected during busy spring and summer months. The person(s) placing the order should be present at the time of delivery to ensure the building is assembled in the correct position. It is the responsibility of the customer to ensure that we have clear access to the site.


It is the customers responsibility to provide a flat and level base for the building to sit on (please see base preparation, page 11 on the Elfords Price List brochure).


We offer a 12 month guarantee with all products on the condition that the exterior is coated with Elfords Top Coat Timber Treatment as soon as possible after delivery and that the base on which the building stands is flat and level. The guarantee does not include damage caused by adverse weather conditions or acts of vandalism. Call out and repair charges will be made to all jobs after the guarantee has expired.

Self Assembly

Customers who choose to self-erect their building take full responsibility for any defects caused through erecting.

Natural Timber Products

Timber is a natural living product which contains natural defects such as timber shake (surface splitting), dead knot which can lead to the knot falling out, warping, twisting and shrinkage. When the air temperature is high these faults are even more prevalent with timber. So To help reduce these faults, both our tgv and shiplap boards have extended joints between them.

We also recommend the use of Elfords Top Coat Timber Treatment be applied to the exterior surface as soon possible and regularly treated there after, (please see page 6 on the Elfords Price List brochure). This solvent treatment soaks into the timber, working well as a water repellent, as well as keeping the timber supple. During the manufacturing process of your building we will endeavour to select timber with minimum defects, but you should still expect to see some on your building.

Roofing Felt

Polyester felt is used on all our buildings, because it is much stronger and lays flatter than standard felt, you should initially expect to see wrinkles and bubbles, but these will settle down with time. The life expectancy of felt will vary and be determined by weather and the building location.


It will be the responsibilty of the customer to check with their local planning authority regarding planning permission for the building.