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Both our indoor and outdoor showroom areas are open for viewings with social distance measures in place. Customers can also contact us by phone or email during office hours for orders / enquiries between 8-4pm mon-fri.

Please contact us by email at sales@elfords.biz or phone 01243 787721.

New quality improvements to our buildings for 2019!

Posted - 4/4/2019

At Elfords Sheds we pride ourselves sourcing the best materials, the quality of our build and the finish we produce. Meaning that our sheds last so much longer than other suppliers!

We are proud to now offer hot spelter galvanised ironmongery on all 19mm & 25mm shiplap sheds. Hot spelter galvanised means that the metal has been hot dipped in zinc to seal the surface and edges with a thick coat of zinc giving excellent corrosion resistance.

To add to this 19mm & 25mm shiplap shed also now comes with doubled up door frames, meaning the part of the shed that can be subject to a lot of force can stand up to it.

We just keep improving and finding ways to improve and future proof our outdoor buildings!

New quality improvements to our buildings for 2019!