Man caves, women caves, boy caves, girl caves...

Posted - 25th Febuary 2016

At Elfords we have recently had a lot of requests if our wooden buildings would be suitable as a 'man cave' and as an equal opportunities business we reply 'they be perfect for a man or women cave'.

Looking up the meaning of man cave on Wikipedia you get 'A man cave or manspace is a male retreat or sanctuary in a home, such as a specially equipped garage, spare bedroom, media room, den, or basement' and in reality most of our larger buildings offer the ability to create additional space for you home, man, woman or child.

The Hampshire workshop, Sussex workshop and The Surrey all offer a great way for you to use a wooden building to create more space for anyone or all of the people in your home for that hobby, project or craft alone, together or with friends. Pop down and have a look at our large selection of already fabricated buildings for ideas!

Hampshire Workshop